Qi Ferro is working on a widescreen movie of the Great History of the Archipelago’s Glory in Bali

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Media-jabar.net | Bogor – The history of the greatness and glory of the Archipelago in the Majapahit Kingdom will soon be brought to the big screen. This very sacred film received support from many parties. It is planned that the widescreen movie will be worked on by Prabu Nusantara Pictures in 2020 today, with a shooting location on the Bali Island of the Gods and expected to be completed in 2021.

“Mahapatih Gajah Mada film entitled” Nusantara Rissing “or the rise of the archipelago. This is a mega colossal widescreen movie of the 13th and 14th centuries about the greatness of the Majapahit Kingdom and the glory of the archipelago which is already well-known internationally and internationally, “said Qi Ferro in his conversation with media-jabar.net crew in Bogor, Wednesday (20/02/20).

“I present this film to my beloved nation and as an invaluable award to the great and great ancestors of this nation,” said Qi Ferro.

This film will involve thousands of players with substantial production costs and perhaps the biggest in the history of film in the country.

“The aim is to raise back the history of the greatness of the glory of the archipelago in the Majapahit era which is expected to be a mirror for us all the children of the next generation, and also as a mirror for the leaders of this nation, where if we look at the nation’s current situation and conditions it is truly sad and ironic, “he said softly

Prof. DR. Djuyoto Suntani, President of the 202 World World Peace Committee (Advisory Council).

Qi Ferro said, the magnitude of the cost of producing this colossal mega film was because the Royal Majapahit Royal Palace set to be built for filming activities was prepared as grandly as possible and approaching the original as well as accessories, property and other trinkets, some of which were made of metal or copper. Not to mention hundreds of horses, dozens of elephants and other animals that support

Qi Ferro, who is the producer and President Director of Prabu Nusantara Pictures, said that the process of preparing this colossal mega widescreen movie is quite long. This is because this claim is a historical fact that must not be hasty in preparing it, requires a high level of patience, sincerity, selfless sincerity, need cleanliness of heart, clarity of mind, soul and can not follow lust, ambition and emotional.

“The sacredness of this film is also closely related to the Nusantara cycle that is currently underway. so everything must be prepared carefully, made as detailed as possible to the original and following the rules of the ancestral order,” explained Ferro better known as Qi Ferro.

when was the film launching event held? “The launching plan will be held on the island of Bali in 2020, which is planned to be inaugurated by the President of Indonesia and the President of the World Peace Committee which will also invite the King Sultan of the archipelago, governors, ambassadors at home and abroad, cultural and cultural leaders. and others. It is hoped that this film will become an interesting show as well as a guide that contains a lot of philosophy,” said Qi Ferro.

Regarding the widescreen masterpiece of the epic history of the greatness of the Archipelago’s glory, according to Qi Ferro, he received very extraordinary response and support from various groups and parties who have been known for their work both nationally and internationally such as Prof. DR. Djuyoto Suntani President of the World Peace Committee 202 countries which sat on the Advisory Council.

Qi Ferro (Produser)

Then, Ferry Hariyanto and Ir. Syahrizal Luthan (Asist Producer), Indra D Himrat (Asist. Bid Media Producer), Aris Fachrul Rozi (Asu bid Keu), Deni Rochman (Media Patner Team) and Wahyu S Praja (scenario writer) who are experienced and also very knowledgeable, understand and understand historical stories about Majaphit.

Furthermore, for the smooth cultivation in this film also involves spiritual figures as advisors, some of whom, Father Yogma (Bali), Rd. H. Oding Rojudin Raja Galuh (West Java), Father Kliwon (Ngoro, Mojokerto), Cak Dul Wahid (Ngoro, Mojokerto), Rd. Asep Suttan Sanding (Majalaya), Gus Munir (Babat), R. Asep Dharma Wijaya (West Java).

“The production of this film is expected to take 7 months. Meanwhile, what is quite time consuming is the construction of the Majapahit palace builder set, “Qi Ferro said.

Qi Ferro explained, with various considerations, the construction of the Royal Majapahit Palace Set Builder for the shooting of 80 percent would be built on the Island of the Gods. The majapahit palace set building which was built as a place to shoot at the same time can be used as a cultural and educational tourist attraction which will certainly add to the extraordinary attraction for local, national and foreign tourists who want to travel.

“Other filming locations such as Mount Bromo, Madakaripura, Jotanmas Jedong, Pagaruyung (West Sumatra) and China,” he added.

It was also explained, the Mahapatih Gajahmada film titled “Nusantara Rissing” would be made in five languages ​​namely, Indonesian, English, Chinese, Javanese and Indian which would later be planned to be screened simultaneously throughout the national cinemas and would also be screened in cinemas in Asian countries as well as internationally.

Some of the best national actors and actresses will be involved in supporting the production of this film including a number of international artists who are already worldwide, also involving directors and special effects that are already well-known for their work on national and international film scenes.

“We need to know that Gajah Mada as a true bhayangkara has very high intellectual, spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical strength for this nation. As a drafter for the sovereign state that unites the entire archipelago. Gajah Mada has established a policy heritage that is so high towards the progress of the nation in a futuristic manner,” explained Qi Ferro.

In his conversation he said, this film will also reveal the greatness of the Majapahit maritime fleet with its large ships stoutly guarding the entire archipelago. This maritime fleet group is divided into five 5 territorial waters led by an admiral.

During the heyday of the Majapahit Kingdom in the XIII century in the time of Hayam Wuruk, there were mentioned two geniuses of militrer, Mahapatih Gajahmada and Laksmana Mpu Nala. Admiral Mpu Nala as Majapahit naval commander stationed dozens of warships to guard the 5 important points of the archipelago waters.

“Hopefully this film will become a monumental historical masterpiece that will be screened every year so that the younger generation revives national identity and does not forget the history of the nation which is incredibly powerful and has become a super power country in the world that was respected in its time,” he hoped.

“The presence of this film is expected to arouse the spirit of the younger generation to love the nation’s history and revive the spirit of nationalism, the patriot souls of the nation’s knights as sons and daughters of the Mother Earth which were born as intelligent and tough nations that have high civilization. Remember that …!,” Qi Ferro’s message to the younger generation

Without history our ancestors are nothing. “Let us rise united under the auspices of the red and white banner and the unity of diversity, if tan hana dharma mangrwa in love and eternal peace. Together guarding, preserving the customs, traditions and culture of the ancestors that are rich in diversity,” said Qi Ferro eagerly while telling a little.

While saying ‘Salam Nusantara’, he said, “The time has come for this nation to rise again as a nation that is highly respected in the world. “Go back to Tatanan Nusantara,” he concluded. (Den.Mj)

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