Nusantara Rissing Peace Tour 2020 will be held by Prabu Nusantara together with the President of World Peace 202 Countries

Bagikan berita: | National – Variety – Culture – In the preparation of the production process of a masterpiece film of the glory of the Archipelago’s glory entitled “Nusantara Rissing”, which will be worked on by Prabu Nusantara Pictures, to crew Bang Ferro as Producer explained, “that the masterpiece film epic history of the greatness of the glory of the archipelago that will be worked on is very sacred and everything is done following the rules and order of the ancestors, moreover the film was made close to the original, “he said.

“For the smooth cultivation of this film, the joint production team with Prof. Dr. Djuyoto Suntani, President of the World Peace Committee 202 countries, spiritual leaders and others plan to hold an event with the theme” Peace Tour Nusantara Rissing 2020 “which is this activity “include the ruwatan event of the revival of the archipelago in West Java, Central Java, Trowulan and Bali as well as traces of historical places,” said Bang Ferro.

On the occasion Prof. DR. Djuyoto Suntani said, “I strongly support the extraordinary activities of this remarkable nation’s children, and it is very likely that the” Peace Tour Nusantara Rissing 2020 “event will later be attended by governors, high officials and also attended by World Peace Committee members from Asian countries, Europe and others,” he explained.

The peace rissing archipelago event is planned to be held for 1 (one) week and held around February or March 2020 which is also very supported by APW. Mufti Bone, SH, PGK, SPW (President of the UN-Indonesia).

“Greeting the revival of the archipelago towards a new civilization of the world and eternal peace in love. Let’s echo the spirit of awakening united,” concluded Bang Fero. (Den.Mj)

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