Gadis Davitsa Putri Is a Candidate for “Nusantara Rissing” Film Artist

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Gadis Davitsa Putri | National — A beautiful woman with a slim figure who looks slim, friendly, cheerful and friendly who has the full name Gadis Davitsa Putri, born in Sukabumi on April 14, 2000 with a height of 162 cm, the child of Mrs. Jolya and her father Davit Saputra is very hobby watching movies historical films. In her daily life this beautiful virgin is familiarly called “Gadis”, and the girl wishes to someday be able to participate in the world of film starring in films related to history.

Like the saying “tit for tat” this girl’s desire is known by Poppy M Putry (her aunt) who was also supportive, coincidentally her aunt as the Board of Trustees in Prabu Nusantara Pictures, which is planned in 2020 will start working on the big screen film masterpiece of the great history of the glorious archipelago with the the title “Nusantara Rissing”.

On one occasion the crew interviewed the girl who was with her aunt. When’s crew asked about what made her interested in being able to play in the film of the history of this nation, the girl explained, “since middle school I have loved to read books about history, and I also have a hobby watching films that related to history, because the story line is very interesting and while watching it we seem to be carried over to an era of hundreds of years ago that is not yet extraordinary, “he said excitedly.

Connect Gadis continued, “wow I am truly touched, did not think like a dream offered by aunt Poppy and Om Ferro (Producer), that later I will play as a potential artist in the masterpiece film” Nusantara Rissing “. This is an invaluable pride for I was included in a film made in 4 (four) languages, which would later be screened in all national, international and international cinemas, “said the girl with bright and happy eyes.

On the same occasion the crew of also interviewed Poppy M Putry stressed, “that both parents of Gadis are also very supportive and bless their children to play in this historical masterpiece film,” he said.

Poppy M Putry is one of the Board of Trustees at Prabu Nusantara Pictures.

Furthermore, Poppy M Putry added, “I as a coach will fully support and will help as much as possible to realize the production of this film so that it can be realized properly and smoothly. Very salute with Bang Ferro who in this case remained firmly focused on carrying out the mandate of the ancestors, preparing the film masterpiece of the awakening period of the greatness of the glory of this archipelago, he struggled to do himself with sincerity sincerity following the process of natural selfless, forged with extraordinary extraordinary variety of trials but he remained calm and smiling even though no one was sponsoring his noble duty to be dedicated to the ancestors , young generation, nation and as a mirror for the leaders of this beloved nation, “said Poppy M Putry with teary eyes ending the interview. (F/Den.Mj)

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