Five winners of the World Peace and Song Gong and Peace Competition

Bagikan berita: | The World Peace and Song Gong and Peace Competition which is participated by Top Artists and Creators from all over the World, was officially closed on April 15, 2020. As reported earlier, on April 17, 2020, the winners will be announced publicly to all humanity in all corners of the World.

Chairwoman of the Yuri Board of Copyright and Singing Peace World Gong contest, Madam Astrid S Suntani, admitted that she was moved to see the interest of the international community who had participated in the competition.

“The duration of the race is quite short, but thank God there were hundreds of participants from all corners of the world,” explained Madam Astrid S Suntani who is the wife of the President of the World Peace Committee HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani.

Based on the evaluation of the Yuri Board, judging from the Nine Dimension Aspects, the following 5 (Five) Winners were decided:

1st winner (one) Handono Nayaka (Origin Semarang Indonesia).

The 2nd winner (Miss) Miss Denisa Gokovi (Originally from Albanian Dures).

3rd winner (three) Asep Saifullah (from Bogor Indonesia).

1st (one) Hope Winner Miss Cole van Dais (from Pretoria South Africa) and 2nd (2nd) Hope Winner Sutresno (from Malang Indonesia).

Winners are entitled to and receive coaching money and complete property from the World Peace Committee.

“The Yuri Council’s decision is binding, it cannot be contested,” explained Yuri Board Member Hudi Wantoro.

The awarding is planned to be held in the World Peace Gong area. I Plaza Jepara, Central Java Province, Indonesia, before the fasting month of Ramadan this year.


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