Message of World Peace HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani From Colombia Tuesday 13/02/2018 International — President of World Peace Committee 202 Countries HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani on the Monseratte Hill above the city of Bogota. Colombia, South America gives a message of World Peace to all humanity throughout Planet Earth.

There are nine messages delivered the most influential figures on Planet Earth to all humanity. First, all human beings are one family, so must be mutual respect and caring.

Second, the whole universe is the human family. Flora and Fauna are the family of the earth, must be maintained and well cared for.

Third, all beings on Earth have the same One Creator, so they should not insult, harass and kill.

President of World Peace Committee 202 Countries HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani on the Monseratte Hill above the city of Bogota.

Fourth, all beings have their own roles, duties, rights and obligations. Have their own functions, should not overlap and take the other party’s role.

Fifth, human beings as intelligent creatures in charge of maintaining kelesterarian and breeding other living creatures. Man must be an example to other living beings.

Sixth, war is an ancient civilization, modern man must leave ancient civilization.

Seventh, World Peace is a super modern civilization. Human beings living in modern times should now focus on realizing World Peace throughout the planet earth.

Eighth, get used to giving thanks and thanks to the world around us. Thanks to the air, to Water, to the earth, to growing plants, to animals, to vehicles and so on. They are all meritorious to our lives. Say thanksgiving and thanks every waking up.

Ninth, realize the peak of life is death. The highest achievement and peak of human life is death. Thus the Message of World President HE Mr. Djuyoto Suntani delivered from above the city of Bogota, Colombia, South America. Messages are delivered to all inhabitants of the planet earth. (Den.Mj)


Bagikan Berita

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